What is the right kind of stroller? That is a tricky question. With various of strollers in the market, with different brands, colors, types, choosing is not that straightforward. We have listed the things you need to know about strollers, this will help you a lot in your hunt for your baby’s stroller.

These strollers are normally the ones that you can see displayed at shopping malls. Most of this is good for one kid to sit. It has also a storage room underneath that can be use for necessities like wipes, diapers, milk bottle and other useful baby things.

But what if you are fond of traveling with your baby? You want something that you can bring to the supermarket and church and you want it to be stored in the back of your car, then you need a Lightweight stroller. This type of strollers can be easily recognized because they have umbrella with handlebar push bars.

These are also compact and can be easily break down. It is best for use for moving your kids to short distances and can function well on tight spaces. They usually take up less storage, weigh less and other great features. One great example for this is the famous uppa baby minu, you can read more about this stroller on the link.

What if you have a newborn? You cannot just put it any stroller. Well, it is recommended to buy a Stroller Traveler System. With this system you can easily integrate car carriers into a medium weight stroller. This system can grow with your child and can be still be used until toddler.

Active Strollers or Jogging Strollers are for those active moms. These strollers have large rubber wheels that can go through rough terrains. It is equipped with brakes, low center of gravity and large tires.

If you have multiple children, you can opt for Multiple child Strollers. This is for twins or if you have children that are of close age.

That is it for me. Hope you enjoy my strollers overview.