SANDcamp 2016 is four days of Drupal community goodness running from Wednesday February 24th through Saturday February 27th at Marina Village in San Diego.

SANDcamp 2016 the eight year of the annual San Diego Drupal camp that brings together training, Drupal experts and San Diego’s best and brightest talent for four days of learning, sharing and teaching. This year we have 2 full days of Training followed by another 2 full days of sessions to get your Drupal speak (geek) on with others who share your same passion. Come get excited & learn about the newest version, Drupal 8 (D8), and join conversation of what is now possible to get done right “‘out of the box”. It’s a great way to meet your community, and learn more about the great open-source platform of Drupal. Speakers will share their insights about their top web projects along with cutting edge Drupal practices.

Everyone is welcome – especially those new to Drupal. Keep an eye out for our Special content track for those who want to build out a new website from scratch on Saturday, all you need is your laptop!

SANDcamp is located right on Mission Bay, so if you want to bring down your boat & rent a slip there are Marina Village slips for rent! This is why we Drupal on the Beach While the camp is located on the coast, it’s a comfortable distance to Hotel Circle and many seaside resorts – so plan on a short drive, grabbing a cab, an Uber ride, or a Lyft.

Being near Sea World, Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach, the local area boasts a wide range of hotel & lodging options. Use a hotel search site or an AirBnB in your price range for a true Southern California Experience while at camp.

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